We’re an Australian company producing game-changing sustainable foods, right here in Melbourne! As purveyors of plant-based foods, we’re dedicated to prove that you can make a positive impact, and it all begins with a simple jar of mayo, aioli or sour cream. 

Dibble is on a mission: to sustainably produce delicious foods while creating greater awareness of the long-term effects today’s food can have on tomorrow’s environment.

Did you know it takes 83L of water to produce just the egg-content in an average jar of traditional mayonnaise? Crazy, huh! That’s why instead of eggs, we use Aussie chickpeas to make the tastiest plant-based foods.

But wait, it gets better! We also ensure all of our products are allergen friendly so they will also be free from gluten, soy, nuts, GMOS, eggs and dairy. This makes Dibble the go-to option for all diets or simply, for a better planet.

The Founder

Vuong Nguyen discovered his passion for food innovation while studying to be a Dietitian, combining his creativity with his love of food. When he realised he could help more people by creating commercial food products than within a clinic, he decided to begin his career as a food technologist, developing products for some of the world’s largest food brands.

It was during this time that he discovered that food played a major role in promoting sustainability. This realisation lead to Vuong developing the perfect jar of eco-friendly mayonnaise from his studio apartment. Since founding his company in late 2018, Dibble has become one of Australia’s most sought-after sustainable food brands with 4 innovative products and over 500 stockists nationwide.