Carton - Sour Cream (300g) x 6

  • Avg Qty per 100 g

    Energy1620 kj/ 387 cal

    Protein 0.3 g

    - Gluten Nil detected

    Fat, Total 41.7 g

    - Saturated 4.5 g

    Cholesterol 0.0 g

    Carbohydrates, Total4.0 g

    - Sugars 0.5 g

    Sodium 312 mg

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Rajkovic

When I opened my delivery of sour cream, the labels had 'new recipe' printed on them, all I thought was doom and gloom,.but, I needn't have worried, it still tastes absolutely amazing. 🤤

Love this product

Great to have in the cupboard on hand for recipes. So versatile, great flavour and lovely quality ingredients. Highly recommended

Sour cream

Only good vegan sour cream. Nice tangy taste and good consistency. Works well in stroganoff, pasta sauces and nachos, and jacket potatoes :) Service outstanding and no problem postage and delivery. Very very happy!


Finally I have found a plant based sour cream that is delicious. Thank you

Anna Curran
Yummy delicious

Dibble sour cream is so delicious and the best sour cream I have ever tasted! I am allergic to dairy and it's vegan! I put it in almost everything I cook, and even eat it from a spoon out of the jar! I ordered 6 jars a month ago, I hope it lasts the lockdown in Sydney! Thank you Voung @dibblefoods.

As we do not use any dairy-based and GMO ingredients in our products, this ensure our sour cream to have lower cholesterol and fat levels compared to their counterparts. This makes vegan sour cream an ideal substitute for a healthier and allergen friendly diet. Not only that vegan sour cream is good for you, it is also good for the planet. That’s why we believe in our motto “Eat good, do good!”

Dibble Sour Cream is made from a mixture of Sunflower Oil, Water, Starch, Chickpea Protein, Lemon Juice, Salt, Sugar, Non-Dairy Lactic Acid, Vegan Cultures, Natural Gums (Xanthan, Guar), and Natural Vegan Flavour.

Vegan sour cream is just like any other regular sour creams, but better for your health and much more sustainable as they are not produced with animal products and other dairy-based ingredients!

You can buy Dibble Sour Cream and other condiments in various grocery stores all over Australia. Head to our Find Us page here to find your nearest store!

Absolutely! Dibble Sour Cream is nut free so it is very safe to consume if you’re sensitive to these allergens.

Yes, it is a dairy and soy free sour cream.