April 21, 2021 3 min read

Some people think of dieting as a severe form of punishment that forces a person to undergo nutrition plans like intermittent fasting. Thankfully, there's more than one way to live a healthier lifestyle that doesn't involve eating less.

This option requires being pickier about your meals. Being mindful of your diet isn't always about eating less; it's also about knowing the effects of your diet's ingredients.


Cutting down on your mayonnaise fats

Mayonnaise is a condiment that's a typical ingredient in many meals and dishes. Although it's a common choice for many recipes, it's not entirely healthy to consume in large doses. Eating commercial mayonnaise daily raises your cholesterol levels significantly, which is problematic for people with heart problems.

Every tablespoon of mayonnaise contains around 90 calories that can build up over time. This can lead to cardiovascular system complications, causing hypertension, heart attacks, and even strokes.

Listing down all the food items that contain and mayonnaise will be challenging to keep track of, which is why it's best to practice home cooking to meet your dietary needs. Thankfully, some dishes that make great compliments with mayonnaise can still work by transforming them into healthier alternatives.

Making a healthier shift to aioli

With its roots from the South of France, Aioli is a sauce composed of mayonnaise, olive oil, garlic, and eggs. It's technically a form of traditional homemade garlic mayonnaise. It contains a healthy mixture of protein vitamin E and has compounds that can lower cholesterol.

Besides the standard formula above, you can also add parsley, saffron, quince, wasabi, and even smoked paprika. You can even try out more exotic concoctions by adding honey, squid ink, and dark Chocolate to apply a unique kick to your meals. This gives you a world of options in making your homemade dip a stunning reinvention of the classic French recipe.


Discovering the many ways to use aioli

Aioli is a versatile ingredient that has many applications to your daily meals. Since its template is similar to commercial mayonnaise, you can include it in different dishes that can highlight or even transform its overall flavor.

  • For appetizers: You can add it to appetizers like roast asparagus, hard-boiled eggs, crab fishcakes, boiled greens, and more.
  • For snacks: Besides being an appetizer for your meals, it's also a great dip for raw vegetables like cauliflower. It's also a healthy alternative dip for chips, roasted potatoes, and croquettes.
  • For entrees: If you want to have a more heart experience with aioli, you can apply it to essential entrees. Any roasted meat, from fish, beef, or lamb can benefit from its unique flavor. It's also great for seafood delights like deep-fried mussels or braised cuttlefish.

Besides the food items mentioned above, there's a whole world of food items that you can try and sample with alveoli. Your imagination is the only thing restricting you from discovering the many ways it can complement your meals.



Discovering new ways to live a healthy lifestyle doesn't stop with choosing aioli for your meals. Numerous spices, ingredients, and recipes can teach your body to look and feel healthier without the burden of eating fewer meals. Remember that the key to a successful diet is choosing a program that's enjoyable to commit to.

Discovering new food items for your diet shouldn't stop you from being a picky consumer. Trust only brands that can give you a guarantee of quality products fresh to your doorstep.

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